Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Next American President?

Rudy Giuliani In Drag - Click here for the funniest movie of the week

Well! He does have a sense of Humour I'll grant him that.

Indentured Servitude.

I said things to her that were callous,
I told her I was not worth it, that I was yet another in an endless stream of disappointments.
She said she understood. And Smiled.
I felt the doubt, and I felt the sadness,
I threw it away, just to believe for that short span of time
that she...

It is difficult to describe. This feeling of loneliness, overwhelming and detrimental. I have been able to talk to people yes, I have been surrounded by love, I have friends, I have family. Yet somehow, its not quite enough. Its the immense endlessness that one feels while serving his National Duty. Its the disappointment felt when yet another MSN conversation is finished unsatisfactorily. Its the pain you feel when you have to disassociate yourself, because you don't want to commit, you cannot commit. You must remain, in this span of two years altogether alone and yet surrounded by people. Most people cannot describe it, most men choose to take it out with cigarettes, with endless cycles of person after person. It is too easy to say Oh its just two years. Oh its an obligation you have to commit to. But truly, it is a melancholy one, an often disappointing one, and even more so a painful one.

What happens when the privation you feel, the emptiness you experience, the pain that has not passed, all amalgamates into a stewing loss of belief, belief in the cause, in the hand that feeds you. I must find the faith. The Faith to see, to see beyond that pale, that space that you cannot inhabit simply because there's nothing there. And nothing worth looking at.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Karma Kettle and Rhapsody


These pictures are from this quaint little eatery near Serene Centre which has only been around for a couple of months. Now the interesting thing is I had passed by this restaurant for that whole two months fully intending to try it out and today, I gave in et Voilá! C'est Quel Supris. It has a rather quirky design concept, with cute little objet d'art placed artfully all around, and yet occasionally slipping into the Victorian sense of style, mildly disconcerting, but not at all unpleasant. In fact, I sense a distinct sense of humour about it all, that can only be described as perfect for the blend of food served at this restaurant.

The set meal I ordered, would've been for all intents and purposes boring. And the soup was exactly that, the classic French Onion Soup. It was not thick enough to warrant true French style, and had nothing else special to distinguish it above the fray. I enjoyed it but only because I would drink any soup with a good beef consommé and onions.


The Main of grilled Dory however was very good. The mashed potatoes were very smooth, to the point where I suspected it came from a packet. The brussel sprouts were not characteristically bitter but well cooked, but the fish was another matter altogether, fresh, smooth and with a delicious herb crust. My only complaint about the fish was that the sauce was made of a sinful butter and lemon combination. Definately not for those on a diet.


Lastly, Le Désert. Brownie, warm, and sinful. Sweet, fudgy and satisfying. A proper way to end a proper meal. The Set meal cost me 22 dollars total.

I would give this restaurant 7/10. The meal provided was good, the service attentive, and the setting quite unique. The only place they needed to adjust was the menu, providing something that no one else already had in the area.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Some Updates

Recently I have been taking a lot of leave, and I mean a lot. And so far its been wonderful. Getting some time for myself, spending some time reflecting.

Today for the first time, my prayers got answered... and I mean like literally. I prayed for God to give me a strike, (at the bowling alley, not with a whip) and yes, sure enough the next one was a strike. Mmmm, Donuts... Wait no, Mmmmm Inner Solace.

Back in China 12th-25th Decembre. Yes, I'll be back, and I may be bringing some tag alongs... More Later.


Joce! All My Love:D

Podcast tomorrow, feel throughly un-prepared.

Je me cours de Francais a Demain, Je suis mort. (Don't make fun of my french.) Allez! Guinea-Bissau!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some Laws In and Around the World.

And I want to be a lawyer

The UK's top 10 most ridiculous British laws were listed as:

  • 1. It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament (27%)
  • 2. It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British king or queen's image upside-down (7%)
  • 3. It is illegal for a woman to be topless in Liverpool except as a clerk in a tropical fish store (6%)
  • 4. Eating mince pies on Christmas Day is banned (5%)
  • 5. If someone knocks on your door in Scotland and requires the use of your toilet, you are required to let them enter (4%)
  • 6. In the UK a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants, including in a policeman's helmet (4%)
  • 7. The head of any dead whale found on the British coast automatically becomes the property of the King, and the tail of the Queen (3.5%)
  • 8. It is illegal not to tell the tax man anything you do not want him to know, but legal not to tell him information you do not mind him knowing (3%)
  • 9. It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour (3%)
  • 10. It is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls of York, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow (2%)
  • False teeth

    Other bizarre foreign laws voted by those polled included:

  • In Ohio, it is illegal to get a fish drunk (9%)
  • In Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation is decapitation (8%)
  • A male doctor in Bahrain can only examine the genitals of a woman in the reflection of a mirror (7%)
  • In Switzerland, a man may not relieve himself standing up after 10pm (6%)
  • It is illegal to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle in Alabama (6%)
  • In Florida, unmarried women who parachute on a Sunday could be jailed (6%)
  • Women in Vermont must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth (6%)
  • In Milan, it is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits (5%)
  • In France, it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon (4%)

  • Source: BBC News

    Monday, October 22, 2007

    Some Left Wing Liberal Reason

    Yes This is the reason why I love The West Wing so much

    Saturday, October 20, 2007

    The Rant. Polite, And Non-insulting but The Rant Nonetheless

    In addressing the issue of the repeal of Article 377A, I have come across a thought, which I will introduce in a while, but first a preamble. Singapore is necessarily a conservative society as the numbers have to clearly show, since everyone knows that statistics don't lie. WE MUST FOLLOW THE NUMBERS, THEY WILL DEFINATELY BE REPRESENTATIVE OF THE VIEWS OF EVERYONE. I have come across many arguments, moral or otherwise, that seem to suffer one monumental failure, selection of facts. I.E. Just choosing some fact and not presenting anything else because they happen to be inconvienent.

    While most people are more than willing to accept that homosexuality has in popular culture more or less sunk into the mainstream, they are not so willing to accept it in their lives and around them. I am tempted to say that this is tantamount to sticking their fingers into their ears and going LA LA LA LA, GAYS DESTROY FAMILIES, LALALA, THERE WILL BE FROLICKING GAY COUPLES IN THE STREETS, LALALALALALALA, THE GAHMEN ISN'T ENFORCING THE LAW LALALALA.

    It is a bold assertation to say so, and I know I won't get away with it, so let me just ask a few questions.

    First. Why is this law against gay men only? Logically speaking if this law was to be fair, just, equal or otherwise, it should also be against gay women to, and whatever sexual acts they can perform on each other. So isn't there a question of equality at play here?

    Second. Does the removal of this law automatically mean a profusion of gay sex on the streets and gay sex everywhere? Remember that the law against anal penetrative and oral sex between men and women is only to be repealed soon in Singapore. Do we forsee thusly a profusion of wild backdoor enterings and cars rocking on Farrer Park, Faber Hill and various other secluded locations, public and private? Is it not possible then that the government forsaw this NOT happening, and decided that it was in fact in public interest to repeal this law for heterosexual couples? So why not otherwise?

    Third. For all the frequent repetitions about family values, alternative lifestyles, etc. No one has exactly told me what legalising gay sex would do. Families are being destroyed by the gays, is one oft repeated refrain, I don't really see how having gay people around would lead your thriving family to break down. I think it probably has more to do with having 2 parents with jobs, children being taken care of by outsiders and insufficient or inefficient use of resources to assist such parents. These and more reasons are a much more logical and consistent reason for the breakdown of nuclear families. Second to that point, what is WRONG about alternative lifestyles? There are plenty of people straight or otherwise that are your entertainers, your hairdressers, your writers, your chefs, your teachers. And yes, they may like leather, or have a fetish for spandex, or have an inordinate adoration for pink duck patterned wall paper, or just be a regular joe who likes Starbucks, eats out once in a while, drinks alittle, and reads chinese wuxia stories. And conversely, there are plenty of straight people who lead lives that don't conform to your norm, or his norm, or your grandmother's norm, so why don't we say they can't lead their lives the way they lead it because it spoils the property values of the neighbourhood, or because tight white T-Shirts expose too much nipple, or how eating meat's bad bad news. I don't see why YOU should be imposing YOUR beliefs upon them. They don't come into you home, or spam your blogs and say, STOP BEING BORING AND EATING BORING FOOD, DRINKING BAD WINE AND READING CHEESY NOVELS, AND ALWAYS DOING IT IN THE MISSIONARY POSITION AND WEARING CLASHING COLOURS, so why should YOU/WE/THEY judge how THEY lead their lives.

    And lastly. Does this law not represent a dangerous precedent? A law that will not be enforced. A law that, on the word of a government, is on the books, but will not be enforced. Does it sound scary to you because it sure sounds scary to me that some laws can be chosen to be enforced and others not. It reminds me of that Bismarckian line, about not seeing how Laws and Sausages are made.

    I welcome any and all comments on this post and wish both the Keep377A and Repeal377A camps a good day.

    P.S. You can't spread gayness like the flu, and people who are sitting on the fence are sitting on the fence because they are confused. Instead of telling them that other side is EVIL and you're bound to end up single, heartbroken and lonely, why not engage them in Discussion about their feelings and attempt to guide them to some sort of conclusion? Not all gay relationships end up in failure, just as not all straight relationships end in failure. And it is more a symptom of modernity that relationships end than just the simple, Oh its coz they're gay so they must break up eventually.

    Tuesday, October 16, 2007

    The Airbus A380 is out, And Leopard's Coming 26th Oct

    Today, Singapore Airlines took delivery of their first Airbus A380. And with it launched a new product, Suites. This is meant to be "a class beyond first". And truly it is. For 1000 Euros an hour you get to experience your own room, much like those found on luxury yachts, high end exclusive hotels and even your own lavishly furnished, plushly designed house, and of course all this in the air and to the tune of service that other airlines talk about. I am naturally curious and immensely desirous. A room all to myself, nay to me and someone else even? What a dream come true. Though seriously this product would never be rolled out on any other class of aircraft isn't that wonderful. Its exclusivity defined!

    Leopard, Apple's newest operating system will be rolling out soon. The 26th of October at 6PM Western Time. Though I think I'm supposed to get it on the 26th itself here in Singapore... I took the liberty of preordering it. Heh. Grandma! Keep a look out for me... I can't wait for Time Machine! And BOOTCAMP!

    Tuesday, October 09, 2007

    Singapore has Rejoined the UNESCO

    Singapore has rejoined the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation), making it the 193rd nation to do so, thus giving the UNESCO one more participant country then the actual United Nations itself. Fancy that!

    Singapore has spent 22 years outside of the UNESCO and it has been more than high time that we return to the fold that brings ever so much to a nation, recognition for its cultural and national treasures, opportunities for exchange and interaction, for creating ethical standards and building consensus. In short it is an organisation that does so much good simply by getting its member nations to sit down and communicate, share and interact.

    I applaud our Leaders' wise decision in rejoining this community of fellows and look forward to the great bounty of cultural exchange and increased fellowship that can and will follow.

    Thursday, October 04, 2007

    Free Burma!

    Free Burma!

    In light of the plight of the suppressed Saffron/Burgandy Revolution in Burma, I'm posting this post for the children of Burma. Give them one chance to breathe the free air, one chance to live under the rule of a democratically elected leader. On this International Bloggers Day for Burma, I shall wear red... not simply because I have like 5 red t-shirts but because I believe. I believe in the right of every person to live free, and I believe in the positive effect ASEAN can and will make. Vive La Revolution!

    Tuesday, October 02, 2007

    A Sad State of Affairs

    Debt of Honour: Singapore’s Ties to Myanmar’s Junta


    Benjamin Cheah

    The crisis in Burma is escalating. For the first time in two decades, the people are taking to the streets. It started with protests against the doubling of fuel prices, and the sharp increase in prices of essential goods and services. 1 It has now become a call for democracy, and freedom. The military has seen fit to respond with tear gas, arrests, beatings, and live rounds. State television claims that there are nine dead. Witnesses believe that the true toll lies in the hundreds. 2

    The source of this turmoil lies with the junta in power. After seizing power in 1962, the then-State Law and Order Restoration Committee embarked on the ‘Burmese Road to Socialism’, an economic policy that has done nothing but to impoverish the people. The people are kept in line through intimidation, systematic rape, arbitrary detention, forced labour, and other tools of state terror. The junta and its cronies virtually control the nation’s wealth, making tremendous profits from sales of drugs, gems, and timber. This combination of poverty, inequality, and repression has exploded into the situation we see today. 3
    That the regime was responsible for this is not in doubt. However, it could not have accomplished this without the assistance of other governments. In particular, one country has provided significant economic and military assistance to the junta, enabling it to restore ‘law and order’ while fattening its bank accounts. That nation is the Republic of Singapore.
    Above the board, Singapore has done a lot of business with Myanmar. SingTel was the first firm to provide Burmese businesses and government offices with the ability to establish inter- and intra-corporate communications in over 90 countries. At the same time, all computers, software, e-mail services and telecommunications devices in Burma must be licensed, a nearly impossible feat in itself. Coupled with the prohibitively high cost of computers in Burma 3 , and it can be inferred that the regime is intent on denying communications technology to the Burmese political opposition. This act serves to further enrich the Myanmese elites, and strengthen their grip on power.

    Singapore invested S$1.57 billion in Myanmar in 2005, making her the largest direct foreign investor from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. Since 1988, Singapore has invested about S$2 billion in Myanmar, mostly in tourism and the military. 4 Given that the junta’s cronies virtually control the legal economy, it’s safe to say that these monies have gone into their wallets, and into producing arms and ammunition. A substantial portion of Singapore's investments has gone into Asia World, a Burmese construction company, which is owned by drug traffickers and money launderers. 3, 4, 5

    Lo Hsing Han is the chair of Asia World, founded in 1992. Ostensibly a successful businessman, he has served as ethnic advisor to former Burmese Prime Minister Khin Nyunt, and continues to oversee his drug operations in Burma. It has been alleged that Asia World has been used as a front for drug trafficking. 3, 5 His son, Steven Law, is the firm's managing director, and runs various other firms, which happen to be subsidiaries of Asia World. 3, 5 He also reportedly handles his father's financial activities. 3 Steven Law married his Singaporean business partner, Cecilia Ng, in 1996. Using her connections to the government, she allegedly launders money for Burma's drug barons, in addition to other legitimate business dealings. 3, 5, 6, 7

    It has been further reported that Singapore allows Burmese drug barons to travel freely, the junta's generals to visit Singapore for medical treatment, in addition to turning a blind eye to shady financial practices. 3, 5, 6, 7 There is no doubt that a connection exists between the junta and the government of Singapore.

    This is not the end. The Singapore government has armed the regime. Singapore Technologies has built a state-of-the-art cyber warfare centre in Yangon. With it, the regime’s secret police can intercept a spectrum of communications, from telephone calls to faxes to e-mail, from over twenty countries 3, 5, 9, allowing them to keep track of political dissidents. On October 6, 1988, hundreds of mortars, munitions and military supplies were shipped to Yangon. They were marked "Allied Ordnance, Singapore", which is a subsidiary of Chartered Industries of Singapore3, 8, 9 , now part of ST Engineering. The shipment also included license-built Swedish rockets, violating an agreement with Sweden that required authorisation for arms exports. 3, 9 The following year, Singapore acted as a middleman for a shipment of grenade launchers and anti-tank weapons from Belgium and Israel. 3, 8 In 1992, Singapore brokered a $1.5 million shipment of mortars from Portugal, violating a European Commission arms embargo. 3, 8, 9 In 1995, Chartered Industries of Singapore built an arms factory in Burma, now used to produce weapons for the Burmese military. 9 Singapore has armed the regime.

    These incidents are just the ones documented in the public domain. There could have been other shady deals in recent times, one of which could have surfaced to sting Singapore.

    On the 27th of September, a Singaporean was shot by Myanmese riot police.10, 11 According to a photograph of a recovered rubber bullet11, there are two legible English words inscribed on it: 'control' and 'rubber'. The official language of Myanmar is Burmese, with little attention paid to the English language; it is therefore highly improbable that the round was made produced locally. Europe and the United States have enforced sanctions against Myanmar, and have no reason to ship non-lethal ammunition to Burma. China, India and Thailand, Myanmar's largest trading partners, probably would not use English markings on ammunition, because there is little reason to mark ammunition in a language that ordinary workers probably could not read. But Singapore uses English markings on ammunition. Therefore, I suspect that the round was made in Singapore, and exported to Burma. There, it was used to shoot a Singaporean in the leg. If nothing else, this must be poetic injustice.

    The Singapore Government has allowed the junta and its cronies to get richer and richer, while the people have to bear with Third World living standards and systematic oppression. Singapore has turned a blind eye to international criminal activity operating out of Myanmar, whose ringleaders visit Singapore every now and then. Most damning of all, Singapore has sold weapons to Burma, the same arms that the authorities use to keep the junta in place. Singapore is therefore indirectly responsible for the current state of affairs in Myanmar.

    The world is watching. Singapore currently holds the chairmanship of ASEAN. ASEAN has condemned the junta’s response to the protests. 13 Singapore, in particular, is engaging in ‘quiet diplomacy’, and is backing United Nations envoy Ibrahim Gambari in his attempt to defuse the situation. 14 But this is not nearly enough.

    If Singapore truly wishes for an end to the crisis, and is genuinely concerned about the people of Burma, it is her duty to send a strong message to the junta. Singapore must declare, and cease, any and all arms exports to the military regime. Singapore must also impose economic sanctions on Myanmar, in particular targeting strategic resources and supplies destined for the military and the police. Singapore must withdraw all investments in firms linked to the regime, and its cronies. Singapore must also investigate all reports of money laundering on local soil, and prosecute the guilty to the fullest extent of the law. All assets belonging to the junta and its cronies must be frozen. Finally, Singapore must bar the Myanmese drug barons and junta members from setting foot in Singapore. These actions would send a more direct message to the junta than any other action by most other nations.

    Singapore owes the people of Burma a debt of honour. Singapore has the means to expunge it. What she needs is the political will to clean up the mess the government has created.


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    My Take on this:

    I fall throughly on the more liberal side of the political spectrum, and as such there is nothing that can condone the current actions of our government. "It's Just Business" has become the siren call of the Capitalist society, and as a nation that supposedly espouses "Asian Values" it seems that there is an awful lack of values in the way our government deals with this nation. Albeit our policies have so far been engaged in the form of "quiet diplomacy" or "constructive engagement" as the term used by ASEAN. Yes, there is the general belief that one must be able to engage such a regime to try and make them see the error of their ways. But it has become obvious that the Carrot without the Stick makes no progress, makes no change, and our lack of the stick becomes painfully evident. I am shocked by the plight of the Burmese people and appalled by the previous lack of constructiveness in our engagement, one hopes that the future may bring a government that is fully aware, as is evidenced by the events of the past weeks, of the implications of its actions. The United Nations as a body is only able to do so much, Singapore by virtue of being near to this nation must use its leverage to push Burma, and the Burmese government to reform.

    We've taken the steps required to make action, Mr George Yeo's choice of words calling Myanmar part of the ASEAN "family" was very much telling, we see them not as criminals, or other wise, but like brothers, or that dirty pervy uncle that hits on your Girl friends at your parties. And the use of such a word is telling because it indicates a lack of will or otherwise to apply sanctions or other such more "hard" measures and I fear that such a simple lack of fortitude will result in Myanmar simply carrying on its own merry way. I am disappointed in this government's previous actions and can only hope that the future will bring forth the proverbial sticks and stones, not on the benighted people of Myanmar but the people that deign to rule over this country. I still have the hope.

    Friday, September 28, 2007

    For Blue Skies

    the clouds of smoke,
    your tender touch, there
    here, but now,
    Now is the time.

    Now we rise,
    For now we rise,
    to death,
    to sacrifice,
    to nationalism,
    TO Freedom.

    YOU, you murderous,
    grieving, tortured, destructive,
    Why, why stay like this,
    the black sheep, the long years,
    the silence, the gates, fences,
    I hate you.
    She is not free, for your own foolishness, Give it up...
    Its Over.

    The time is here,
    now, for them to see the blue skies,
    the green fields,
    the bounties and freedoms of democracy.

    For Burma, the people, the Nobel Laureates, The strongly worded statement from ASEAN, and for Ibrahim Gambari.


    asato ma sad gamaya
    tamaso ma jyotir gamaya

    Translated As:

    From delusion lead me to truth
    From darkness lead me to light

    -Juno Reactor: Navras.

    Monday, September 24, 2007

    I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry

    This show is, contrary to our enlightened Newspaper's opinion, actually quite worth that 7 dollars that I paid to watch it. Yes it had moments of puerile facile and just plain idiotic fun, but HELLO, did anybody get the memo? Its Adam Sandler, acting in a movie where he has a GAY marriage to a FAT man!? Hello? Did anybody not see the idiocy coming?

    I am actually find it quite interesting though at the generally quite positive portrayals of gay people and the gay community in general. They aren't shown as evil menacing church destroying people, though they are generally portayed as very effeminate, and well... just generally weird and into strange sexual stuffs, which naturally makes for fantastic comedy. Heheh. What am I saying, seeing that Black dude *Ving Rhames* prance around and singing Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna have fun... Or was it Chaka Khan's I'm every woman... Whatever, That was hilarious.
    Seriously, watch it if your have a chance. I found it one of Mr Sandler's better attempts.

    Sunday, September 16, 2007

    A Request

    I find that recently, I've been actively taking the apathetic route. I haven't been caring enough about my health, about my pet cause of International Affairs, of Human rights in general, of my cousins down in Ang Mo Kio. And what has taken its place? What seems to be endless spending on extravagance, and I say No More. *well save for those books preparing me for law school*. No more to the needless extravagance, no more to the effortless spending of money and most importantly no more to living life on material.

    I'm gonna do 3 things,
    Spend Less Cash
    Get out more and enjoy myself more
    Lose Lots of Weight

    A few other things?
    Learn French again
    Get a less inflated opinion of myself
    Fix this vacation mess of mine

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    So Long Pavarotti

    You were a true performer,
    a perfect Italian,
    a man who believed in beauty,
    and above all, your voice will carry us all,
    Through the dark, the bitter, the angry and hateful,

    In This World.

    Beyond Compare,


    Sunday, September 09, 2007

    What not to do during Sex

    If a girl was to say to you during sex, "Get Awesome". She's not asking you to try harder, or telling you that you're doing a good job. She's telling you "Get Off Me".

    Courtesy of Stuff Mag USA

    Saturday, September 08, 2007

    My Day of... Freedom!

    Today is Saturday. A day for relaxation, for rest, comforts that would not normally be accorded to a person on a weekday. However in recent months my involvement in our Nation's National Day Parade, rendered my Saturdays comepletely and utterly destroyed. This is the first Saturday that I have been able to actually have some Me time. Though it did mean waking up at 730 and having slept at like... 2 the previous night I'm tired as ... well something that is known to be very tired.

    So what did I do on this wonderful day?

    First down to Geek Terminal for this week's Podcast on the new iPods and other tech news. Tech65 is Singapore's premier gadget enthusiast website and I am proud to be a member of the Tech65 team.

    *Shamless Plug over*

    After a coffee fueled podcast, I hopped over to Bukit Batok to get an appointment with my Dentist and got a freakishly decayed tooth filled in. Also happened to be freakishly painful.

    Lunch at Gran's and I went home to clean up my house. Yes, But its nice and... neat now. No papers strewn all over the place. NO more clothes all over the place. Books where they should be. And yeah the underwear is where its supposed to be... *Don't ask*

    I'm proud of myself now.... Really am proud...

    Thursday, September 06, 2007

    The New iPods

    Duh! The Answer is OBVIOUS. The new iPod Touch... 16... err wait... its alittle... 8... No too little space... But I don't want the new "old" iPod Classic... more space yea... but... ... But... BUT!!!

    Ma! All I want for my Birthday is... the 16 Gig iPod Touch?... or Should I wait for Christmas for maybe a nice BIGGER one? Argh, Decisions Decisions at 0609 in the morning!

    Tuesday, September 04, 2007

    Its been way to long.

    My dear blog, its been way too long. I'm sorry and I promise I will make up for it.

    I just came home from watching a movie 1408. It sucks. Its a scary piece of poo. SIGH I hate scary flicks. And yet I kinda love them its such a strange love hate relationship.

    I have also just bought Natalie Cole's rendition of I Say a Little Prayer for You, absolutely delicious version of this classic song. Her sultry voice and delicious vocals makes me all happy inside, despite my lingering fear that I'll be stabbed in my bed tonight or something.

    Lets see, what else. China. I was in China recently as many of you all know. I got to see a much larger number of people than I expected to. I saw Joce, my dear sweet Joce; Lillian, a day before she left for France; Kim Dong-Hyun, the Korean dude; Carola, the German chick; lets see, who else. Mr House and Mrs. Brough, and a whole bunch of SSISians that I miss and love. I felt terrible that I couldn't stay longer but I did get to see one thing I would have been remiss to miss, The Suzhou Museum, designed by I.M. Pei. Its an amazing amalgamation of the past, present and conceivably the future of architecture and design.

    I'm getting name cards made, somehow its making me a lot more excited than I should be.

    Tomorrow, I'll get going on half day of off-duty, to do what? Get my hard drive which I bought at COMEX replaced for the right one that I had asked for in the first place, on and also get the right CASE that I had asked for and bought at COMEX! Argh infuriating world, and all that is in it. But after that, I have an a cappella concert to attend. I love being in Singapore and living in this fair country.

    Friday, August 10, 2007

    The Day After National Day!

    As all of you in the know already know and those of you not in fact in the know don't already know, I participated in this year's National Day Parade. It is a display of our Nation's capabilities, and of course ME! I was apparently on TV however briefly! I love love love it.

    So, I'm off today! Nothing to do. AMAZING I feel good!

    Sunday, August 05, 2007

    Something that Couldn't Have Happened Happened.

    I got into SMU's School Of Law. For the Academic Year of 2008/2009. Now the question is: Do I accept? I think I should. Though I don't know if I DO go. Argh.

    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    What a WEEK!

    So we all know that it is impossible to have a nice uneventful week in the life of Jerrick. And it turns out this past week has almost had the texture of my used socks. For some reason its hard in places where it should be soft, and soft and thin where it should be nice and supportive.

    Last Friday I had my first dinner with my cousin with a long time, we had crab, we saw awkward looking sculptures in East Coast Park and we made fun of the lovers by the seaside. Yep, good times.

    Saturday saw the return of my Mom, to our fair country of Singapore! Singapore!!! We had a great run, until she had to leave Sunday. We hung out watched King Lear with the great Sir Ian Mckellen, whom I have a poster of now hanging in my Living room. And other news.

    I've failed my driving test though. For the first time, and majorly. Like 46 points failure out of 18 points. (theoretically its 20 points but you can't get 20 coz that'd fail you... and so 18 is the max that you can get without failing and You can't get any immediate failures. I failed actually coz of my completely humiliating parking.) Humiliation, blah. But what to do what to do.

    It appears that I have been slow. As usual to post this up. Sigh. Whatever Its over. I'm late. Blah. I am feeling tall and uncomfortable.

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    A Poem

    When did the days become nights,
    when did I start having jetlag,
    without the flying, floating.
    The nights have melded into the days,
    when you have to get up before the sun,
    when the moon shines at you before all else.

    When your brother looks at you with such disdain,
    when he is torn from his special second,
    his two, and made to study, books that fill his mind,
    with usefulness, and enterprise, and erudition,
    No, he would rather a good video game, a gallivant around virtuality.

    Reality is too difficult to comprehend,
    better to escape into your twenty first century delusion,
    spend like there's no tomorrow,
    save nothing,
    selfishness, emptyness, materia, mana,
    I'm almost too tired to care.

    Let us find the source of all.
    And maybe we can find ourselves.

    Sunday, July 15, 2007

    There is a simple explanation

    Today I went to an American University thing at Suntec, where all these American universities came to give us reasons why we should go to said American Universities. The people who were offering pitches were all students currently studying at the universities and suitably enough they were all Asian and probably Singaporean. The universities that impressed me the most were Berkeley and Columbia where the students actually actively came forward to talk to me, however all this impressedness would do me very little if I did not actually have to ability to convert such enthusiasm to an acceptance letter. My results are simply not good enough to gain me entrance to the schools that I really would have liked to go to. Naturally having my flaming friend around me did little to help if only providing much entertainment to those present.

    To my dear friend Mr X, whose obstinacy about going to a certain Ivy Leaguer is well renown. I’m afraid I cannot help but take a nice healthy arrogant French-style sniff at you. There should not and cannot be any way of guaranteeing that you will in fact gain entry to Brown. Your idealism while touching should not lead to such foolishness where you end up not applying to any other universities. Just because it is not in fact an Ivy or located in Providence, Rhode Island is not an indication of how good or bad a university is. One must keep one’s options open, something which I hope you are doing.

    To my other dear friend Daniel, with regards to your wanting me to stay in Singapore. Somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen. Not to throw hot water all over you but unless I was offered a scholarship at NUS Law with no bond or something there is very little that would induce me to stay here. This is not due to Singaporean lack of educational expertise, etc. But more to do with the more varied choices available out of the country, and the simple fact that its all about being independent and living by one’s self while out side of the country. I will however ensure that all is neatly wrapped up before I even consider leaving the country, and even if it means continuing my presence at Tech65 in kind or otherwise I will.

    I have to mention something that has happened to me over the past few weeks, its been quite a amazing week for me really, I saw my Ex for what could be the last time, whether its for five months or for longer who knows but I realized something. I was wrong all along. It wasn’t so much I had been particularly a bad boyfriend, or that she was a particularly bad girlfriend, it was entirely to do with the fact that we traveled in different circles, and had our own obstinate ways of seeing the world, that though was not even that different, was different enough to matter. For what is life but the minor details.

    I am frighteningly annoyed that I will be missing a whole HALF of King Effing Lear! I was at the Esp. Library today, and heard the producer eulogise about the delicious Ian Mckellen and the director Trevor Nunn. I’m thoroughly annoyed, and I think that might be the extent of the things I can say without violating some sort of secrecy laws.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    The One Laptop Per Child Project

    This is brilliant in its simplicity.While this clearly could not have been possible twenty years ago, today, it is an example of how incredible technology can come together and create something that will truly change the world. This project headed by Nicholas Negroponte, whose resume reads like a veritable "mama i want to be him when I grow up" list. He's on the Board of Motorola, he's the Co-founder and director of MIT's Media Lab. The list goes on and on, and as he's had his finger deep in the tech world since who know's when and is ideal for heading up such a momentuous task!

    This simple laptop is built with one thing in mind, Kids. And not like some dinky laptop that has a 5 line dot matrix screen and loud beeps and wails, this is effectively a fully functional 433mhz Geode *basically really really really slimmed down Athlon*, 1200x900 black and white, 256 megs of RAMed laptop. This may sound like absolute piffle for the average techy, but know that this can be powered by simply cranking a crank, it can be read in BRIGHT sunlight, and this is the truly amazing bit, Wi-Fi capable through a mesh network. To use a car analogy, this is the Toyota Corolla to your Lamborguini Core Two Duo.

    Another amazing feat is that this is based off a Linux Core. and makes use of a Graphical User Interface that is completely different from your windows or even Mac. Its designed for kids and for their education. The operating system has had ALL the fat trimmed away from it, and again just like your toyota corolla, its not fast, its not flashy, it goes from a to b and doesn't drink fuel like its free. Whereas the Lambo can be frequently unreliable, it can go very fast, but needs to be well maintained and must be taken out to the clubs to please the ladies. This is an insanely practical piece of kit and has the potential to lift so many children out of poverty and give them a chance to compete in the future economy.

    By the way, MSFT has taken some of this kit and is working on it for something or other... And intel's initial rejection of Negroponte's has spawned their own attempt at targeting children as a Market?! Well, we all have to start somewhere, and I (Jerrick) is FULLY in support of this programme that could change the lives of so many.

    Friday, July 06, 2007

    Dans La Chine

    I will be in China 18th-23rd Aug.

    Monday, July 02, 2007

    A Monday Quickie

    This is the first time I'm taking my off for the National Day parade practices that the rest of the world thinks I'm insane to get myself involved in. However I did what I felt was right. I get time off from the insanity that is being in this place in my life. I have to be deliberately ambiguous after certain elements have made me fear for my life. I shan't say any more.

    Yea! We have Jamie Oliver on in a minute, am tres happy.

    Ok, back to my life. I've put on weight sigh. The gym calls my name, with its sweaty attractions and its tortured devices. I must go there soon if not I'll be lying flat on the floor after I climb the stairs next time.

    I have fallen in love with the smooth voice of Jon Mclaughlin. Its bordering on the same cottage cheese music that Mr. Manilow offers us. But No, it is so much more than that, he has so much more depth, so much more to offer to the listener. Ah Music.

    I'm gonna be watching Die Hard 4 with me bro at 3ish later on. Muahah happiness is a warm ... tub of popcorn? lunch? bed? lady? *looks at Jocey* beer? Lol I don't know. Ah well.

    Boring update. I apologise, don't really have anything to say today, its a slow day. And Yeah am gonna go now and lunch.

    Friday, June 22, 2007

    A Quickie

    It appears my SAT Subject Test results have arrived.

    My Literature score: 670
    My Math I score: 640
    My World History score: 730

    It all seems wrong. And yet so right. I mean my math cannot beat the Chinese peeps. And well I've always had some problems remembering my Literature concepts. And to be frank, 670 is not really really that far away and bad, is it?

    World History is but my only shining light, of sorts.

    On a separate note, did you know there're no SAT Reasoning test slots open for the whole of this year till like... Next March or so?
    I'm so screwed.

    Tuesday, June 19, 2007

    Ocean's 13

    Ok so most people would come into it thinking, Hmm, another sequel, Blah Blah Blah right? Well I came into it with a very positive mindset. Its George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and of course, Ol' Matty Damon, who can't seem to go wrong these days.

    First, a quick summary. Danny Ocean's (Clooney) pal, Ruben , gets screwed over by an evil SoB named Willy Bank. Yes. Willy. Bank. Sounds like a ED solving solution, but anyway, naturally revenge is on the books for our favourite anti-heroes, and the leaders of this plot, Ocean and Rusty (Pitt), pull the gang together for one mega heist: To divest Mr Bank of the millions taken in at his new er thingy shaped casino. Mr Bank and his... deprived PA Abigail Sponder are powerless to stop Danny and the gang, and the only thing we as an audience miss, is the explosive delights of Ms Julia Roberts' Smile.

    Ok, so review.

    The movie is wonderful, a brilliantly conceived caper, with plenty of comic moments, well timed rejoinders, ill conceived madcap obstacles, and of course who can forget the tunnel digger from the French side of the Chunnel. The double entendres are not missing from this episode of Ocean's adventures, and of course the sartorial delights that have been present since the very first movie are still alive and kicking. Danny Ocean even found time to poke fun at Mr. Pitt's abundance of kids! There're no lack of plot twists here, and certainly no lack of energy from the aging cast. The movie is a success simply because it doesn't need to try too hard. It works, everything falling into place easily without too much coaxing of your tired brain.

    One strange thing I observed in the theatre though, was that me and my friend, I'll call him D, were probably the only ones really laughing in the whole theatre. I heard Chuckles, I heard Whispers, (probably questioning my sanity) but no outright guffaws. How bizarre, or is it just me? Ah well. I enjoyed it, and if you're up for some light entertainment disguised in a sophisticated veneer of slick clothes, effective nasal aphrodisiacs, and witty repartee, you'll definitely enjoy it too. If not, just go catch Shrek 3. I'm sure your 8 year old cousin and you'll have something to talk about then.

    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Bus Ride Part 2

    My iPod sings to me,
    Its white façade disguising something truly beautiful,
    Years of music,
    House sitting peaceably next to the Rocket Man,
    Kylie Minogue next to Beethoven,
    I’m sure he’d have liked that.

    A lady steps into the seat next to me,
    Hm, red shirt,
    I’m wearing blue today…
    She looks bored, then again I’m typing poetry next to her,
    Nothing more boring than a person who thinks he has something to prove,
    Working on the bus,
    Tsk, insane little Adidas wearing boy.

    He’s hugging her close,
    And she’s typing a message out,
    Furiously like a good Singaporean girl,
    Must be to her mom,
    I’m not coming home Ma,
    Need to go study with Jonas.

    He’s also listening to his iPod, older model though,
    Wearing red too, and slightly chubby like me,
    And a bit of a air-guitarist as well. Heheh. Aren’t we all,
    Oo, the red lady next to me has started humming.

    Half the bus is sleeping on this Sunday afternoon,
    How nice though, a siesta on the bus.
    I mean as if the bumping wasn’t pleasant enough,
    You have snores to provide a delightful leitmotif.

    I wonder about Mr Kang,
    Is he feeling any better,
    Will call him later, and ask.

    Oh god, a boy is jumping around,
    If he dies and you complain to the bus company,
    I’ll testify on behalf of the bus company,
    That YOU didn’t sit his ass down.

    I want to buy Guitar Hero 2 for the 360.
    Mmmm, the bread smell is delish…

    Oh crap bus stop coming. TTYL zOMGs WtFBBQ!

    Bus Ride Part 1

    The faux graffiti that gave it a look of urbanism,
    The square buildings with an unnatural amount of portals
    Leading out to certainity,
    The common average teenager,
    Absolutely sure of the belief,

    The belief that they were individual,
    That they weren’t part of another mass,
    The same everywheres,
    The same angers, the same fear, the same destructions,
    Too much drink? Too much belief,
    In the true individual,
    When all you are is another clone,
    Manufactured by MTV, designed by Apple,
    Bought by you.

    The sheer belief, the faith in the spirit of the self,
    How sad,
    A higher power would’ve scoffed at them,
    And extended a hand, a hand to relieve them,
    Give them a reason, give them a simple truth,
    Anything to take away their ennui.

    Mr. Hippie, when all you really are,
    Another product of misguided idiocy,
    Masquerading as a higher intelligence,
    Laziness is not a way to lead your life,
    The state cannot provide for those,
    Who should be providing for themselves.

    Take a look at the smiles,
    They are particularly truthful,
    Coming from babies, they hide nothing,
    Coming from the teenagers, they tell of their fears, their angst, their sexual frustrations,
    Coming from adults, they tell you the truth:
    How rare it is to actually find the truth.

    I prefer a sack of loaves to tell my story,

    The sack of loaves,
    Sitting next to me,
    Giving off a scent of sambal,
    Heh, I bet He didn’t get it that good,
    And I am grateful for living in a lack of lacking.
    I should stop wanting so much,
    For it obscures the fact that I have more than enough,
    And find little else wanting.


    Monday, June 11, 2007

    The Slow Dances

    Developments that he never,

    She thought about how it might have been,
    and he wondered how it must have been,
    she spent her days travelling,
    he wished he could remember his travails,
    she understood,
    he defenestrated all notions of even comprehending.

    The smooth jazz trumpet,
    gave his heart a fillip,
    That's the way he liked to be touched,

    Her every dance made him fantacise,
    And there were places
    places that he let his eyes roam to,
    that wouldn't have been
    allowed in public places,
    his mind wondered,
    his soul a mess of desiry thirst,
    tonight he would drink from the cup,
    of lonely self-satisfaction.

    that brought him to his senses,
    and awakened him to the light of,
    Manly rationality,
    the awareness that
    it was a sweet, sober and yet melancholic
    like Valrhona. It left no trace of an aftertaste,
    just the bittersweet memory.

    He stood,
    and raised his appendages,
    and applauded,
    the woman who brought to life all the,
    pains, all the furies, the malcontents, the
    described and impossible.

    He knew it was time to go,
    and yet he lingered,
    his eyes straying,
    one last time to
    the slow dance,

    Saturday, June 09, 2007

    SMUN and a Quick Update

    Ok, First up, latest news, I have a nice haircut and somehow I've managed to get my hair to become soft again but I think I still will have to condition it a lot, argh. And I finished a carton of Sobe Soy Bean Milk just now, so delish, but its like 1 whole litre of it. Lol. I also have the worst suntan in the history of mankind, why you may ask? Well as one stands in the sun for hours as one trains for the National Day Parade without the blessed protection of Sunblock, one's tan will develop in the shape of one's bent arms, or one's uniform's sleeves/collar. Thus I have a V-shaped burn on my neck, and like this ass shaped one on my forearm and triceps. Anyway...

    Came back from SMUN yesterday and seriously I was amazed at how great the event was, I mean yeah, there were some organisation and logistical difficulties, but I pardon them because they were organised by students for students and didn't have the guiding light of a dictatorial bureaucrat, a.k.a a teacher.

    Anyway, Just a few points I have to make and hope that the Singaporean censors won't get to me,
    1) JC students in Singapore have CHANGED, i mean really, I always had this stereotype in my mind that JC students here were like muggalicious and totally unable to have fun, and right wingers, but it turns out they can have fun, and being a mugger is actually cool because it means when you relax-ay-voo you REALLY relax, and lastly, well I haven't asked them bout their political opinions but they seem pretty liberal

    2) I am not that different from them. Lol DUH right? But I was totally afraid that I'd be like the big tall guy who speaks with a funny accent and should be laughed at, but the people there were really quite accepting and completely easy to get along with, of course it probably helped that I was completely shameless at the conference and like did all kinds of embarrassing things.

    3) If this is the direction Singapore, and Singaporeans are taking with regards to their political world view, and their view of themselves in the world, then I can say that I'm truly proud to be Singaporean, there's no lack of enthusiasm for engaging with world issues, and definitely a desire to know, about history, about the future, about 'most anything, and not just memorising f=ma or an-ions and cat-ions

    and Lastly) F.A.M., the Food Aligned Movement, with its 6 or so permanent members will declare itself ready to eat and travel the distance to eat. We shall meet and enjoy the pleasures that comes with imbibing and quaffing and devouring.
















    Pictures attached above

    Friday, May 11, 2007

    I *Heart* USA

    The trip started in the city of San Francisco. There were so many things, some beautiful some not so beautiful but definately flavourful. Anyway here's how it all started. My trip began at San Francisco airport, where just like the last time I was there Mayor Gavin Newsom Welcomed me to SF. Interesting. Anyway, by the time we got to the hotel and had dinner it was Tres late and so I slept.

    The jetlag woke me at 4ish and I started writing my letter to my foreign shall we said pen pals. They have been such a great crutch for my little, nay, socially crippling idiosyncrasies. But anyway, the next day was filled with much though.

    In the morning I visited UC, Berkeley (Tkx Wayne). (Btw, I've decided to post up just one photo each for each location if not it'd be insane, the sheer amount of pictures I have.)

    It was not at all like... I shalt not mention its name here for it will earn me Hisses. But it definately had great character. Beautiful doesn't quite describe it, its sub-urban, hippie, bohemian, RENT-like, etc etc. So many things. I can totally see myself studying here. First... Getting IN!

    Next we visited Stanford. Which was also really great, but in a totally different way. I mean there was like this row of Palm trees, almost Hollywood-esqe Avenue of PALM trees, and it opens up into this great looking Garden, which frames this brown... coloured... building, try to say THAT gracefully!

    After my Lunch, I was whizzed off to Powell Street Station where I met the fantastic Victoria Lim! But of course the first thing we were to see, a dude standing on the box, SCREAMING at the top of his voice that Jesus was here to save us all and to put our faith in the Lord. Seeing as I've recently found spirituality, it was not only disconcerting but mildly scary. We hurried our way to the bus stop and grabbed a bus down to Vic's school. And contrary to popular belief, there actually exists workable public transport in the US of A! It really just depends on the city I guess... Anyway, we hit her University first, (University of San Francisco). Where the drinks are expensive and the dorms nice and cozy. Which is just another way of saying that SF has the second highest standard of living in the USA, and the rooms are small. Sorry Vic!

    This is the view from outside SFU's Law library, the other pictures were also quite good but somehow, I thought this captures SF so well!

    After hitting her Dorm, we left SFU's hallowed and well trodden and mildly graffitied grounds, to go visit the Gay Mecca, A.K.A Castro. Definately a sight that has to be seen for one's self to be believed. It sorta had a carnival atmosphere even though it was just another day really. The Starbucks there was like the place to cruise and be cruised. And I got novelty gifts for the girls back home, You know who you are;)
    After some trolling, we hit Fisherman's Wharf, yes, the touristy place, the place where if I had been in a right frame of mind wouldn't have dreamed of hitting. Yes. Well! Dinner though was good and I had a great time with Wayne as well. 林家团圆!

    Ok. Moving along to Atlanta, as we had only one night in the great city of SF, (I know, I know but I HAVE been to SF and by now its like... yeah I've seen much of it already, though of course not the underbelly, that I'll leave to Vic and Wayne on my next trip;)

    Atlanta was interesting, upon landing I was treated to a nice long ride through wide expanses of Highway, surrounded by trees. Definitely a much different sight from SF. We hit several places in Atlanta, Emory Uni, Georgia Aquarium, and of course, the CNN Headquarters. I'm just gonna skip the narrative, since I've already run to like ... Pages Lol.
    First, SFO Airport where I left my Dad, he went to Colorado. Don't even know if I'm spelling this right. He looks ... either constipated or annoyed at my taking a photo of him. Can't be the latter coz I'm such a nice guy so he's constipated, yeah. That's what he is...
    That's the back of Candice and her sister Ying. See the Shark? Btw, Candice is my cousin. Debater. But not in the way the rest of the world does it. Silly Americans wanting to be different.
    Centennial Olympic Park and Xiao Gu

    Inside the CNN HQ

    Julie's Bakery, Had good CURRY PUFFs of all things. They're Jamaican, had a fun accent. Had to take a photo.

    Cookie on my Lap. Why Delta, turns out to be the most special flight I've had in my life. That was the very day that Delta emerged from Chapter 11, and could start trading their stocks on Wall Street. So celebrations all round and all the passengers had champagne. What are the odds eh?
    First glimpse of New York, a Tunnel. Why, coz we landed in Newark, New Jersey, thats why!

    The New York Museum of Modern Art, first stop on our trip to New York. The MOMA for crying out loud! Had lunch at a classic New York Deli, I can't remember the name, but I had a meatball sandwich. Boy oh BOY what a sandwich.

    Sec-Gens of the UN
    Couple of the most significant buildings in the history of Humanity.

    What kinda expression is that, Hue?! Us, at Les Halles Park Avenue. Yes, Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles, THE Les Halles.

    Yes, that's THE Parsons New school for Design. Can't quite tell from here, but that is where the fabulous Tim Gunn would offer advice to his disciples and remind them to Carry On.

    Times Square wouldn't be Times Square without a semi-naked guy lounging on a billboard somewhere now would it?
    Shubert Theatre, Home of Spamalot. Yes, We watched Spamalot, yes, it was everything I wished it was and MORE! Yes! I've arrived, I can finally say I've seen a show on BROADWAY! And NOT any old show! The 2005 Tony award Winner for best Musical!

    Grand Central TERMINAL not Station as it is commonly called.

    A sculpture at the site of the World Trade Center. Now a memorial, albeit slightly damaged.

    30 Rockefeller Center. The site of NBC's studios in NYC and home to the Today show, and SNL!
    The Definitive Apple Store!
    R2D2 MailBOX!

    And I shall now end with a picture of Atlas, supporting the globe on his back. Whoot!

    Sunday, April 22, 2007

    So It Is, So It Goes


    Said the Bird.

    Wednesday, April 18, 2007

    Its not Ok.

    It was ok. Just ok.

    I can't wait for the USA, to take me away from my work, my insanity.
    And to another place, of cousins, of huge portions, of complete and utter multiculturalism,
    of mass consumption, of mass ...

    My thoughts for the 33...

    You were innocent, and it happened either way,
    you were guilty but no one can blame your going postal, if you were really just deranged.
    Is no one then to blame?
    The Second Amendment,
    The lax laws,
    The lack of preparation?
    Should we blame the systems? That which is supposed to protect us?
    I blame but one system, which supposes ideal conditions,
    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." (Second Amendment to the Constitution.)
    I cannot believe that. The argument that the "people" should be allowed to bear arms, because they are then "free" because that means they are "free" to impose terror, fear, etc. over others through their arms. Yes, they should be allowed to protect themselves, and how else but through arms. I understand that, but persons, the individual, is foolish, they are not trained, they are nowhere near qualified to be a "well regulated militia". Allow them to bear arms, but at what cost freedom? From my Singaporean perspective, we are freer for a lack of arms, we are free to stroll in the streets surrounded by people of different races, religions, beliefs, disbeliefs, or lack of all of the above.

    It is not likely that the Americans will ever figure this one out, and I don't pretend to be an expert. I suppose in the end, nothing much will change. The right will criticise the government for trying to intervene, the left will beg for more controls and in the end, the status quo must remain. In the end, I can only say one thing, humans are stupid individually, but as a group that stupidity is only multiplied. Ouch.

    The above post took a turn for the dark. And I apologise, once again I must categorically state that I'm but a student, and my opinion is only that, my opinion. I am personally shocked, and know that the bottom line is, some people die, It is truly regrettable. My condolences for the lost, my sympathies to ROK.

    Saturday, April 14, 2007

    The Aftermath

    It turned out not to be so bad.

    I did receive a word of appreciation. Which filled me with inordinate joy. Ish

    I did receive the apologetic looks all round.

    I did also get the adulation and love of all these various people from various places all over the place when things well almost entirely exactly how it was supposed to be.

    My god there were so many suppositories in that last sentence.

    But I'm still not happy with the entire lack of appreciation... Etc. Ah well. I am looking forward to my Puma shoes which I ordered.

    Thursday, April 12, 2007

    My Devil Wears Prada Moment

    So today was my very own authentic The Devil Wears Prada moment. I'll provide the checklist, you provide the sympathetic looks.

    1) Drive By Management: Remember to do A B and C while I go off to enjoy time off that's been granted to me!

    2) Know how to do basic movie editing, yes? Good, now create 2 clips, one thirty second one, and another 1 minute one, based on my creation, using your own time, and your own DVDs. Oh and make sure it looks great when even though my original was mediocre to be kind, awful to be frank.

    3) Nope, didn't like that, What's THAT its TECHNO? We can't have techno in our shows! No, lets redo it, with photos, and without any sort of direction provided, lets have pictures of people doing you know stuff that we do!

    4) OH wait! No, the Order is wrong and OH MY GOD, you didn't include one detail that, comically tragic almost, is an added feature that requires the use of an extremely long antennae! Oh and find me more pictures, why don't we have pictures of non-operational jobs!

    Wait, for it, Wait for it.

    5) Oh scratch that, lets just use something that the department that's supposed to be handling such communcations in the first place to complete a piece in an hour, and lets not forget to mention, with a loud and noisy soundtrack. Coincidentally, let's conveniently forget that you spent a good portion of 3 days trying to do that slide show for y'all. Oh and wait up, don't go, I need you to move a table up stage, down stage, no wait up stage, down stage, with little or no regard for the fact that you actually have a lesson to be going off too and its pissing down cats and dogs.

    6) Follow me tomorrow, but for now let me give you the vague instruction that you are to be my Ka-Kia, and hence run around for me. I can do that, would you like to chase my tail first. and pant? Like a dog?

    Thank god, though it'll all be over tomorrow.

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    Thank You

    For justifying everything they said about you.


    Monday, April 02, 2007

    Oh Right... NOT me...

    Realising after a while,
    that she said it just so it'd sound nice,
    and what is society without its varied niceties
    Teasing you with their long-suffering looks

    Hey, its fine by me,
    Just lost all interest,
    Nord, Sud, Est...
    Not the best though, not the best.

    All Right, not too bad.
    Have learnt sometimes what someone says,
    and seems to mean,
    doesn't quite seem,
    quite as binding,
    in the light of bided time.

    The people I'm interested in, properly and fully let me down,
    those that I'm not prefer to simply fuck around with my mind.
    The above two lines not directed at you,
    you pompous prancing self indulged nincompoop.

    Round and around, I spin,
    I'll just listen to my Kylie,
    Loving each minute, is she
    telling me she likes it like this?

    Empty Modernity,
    Delightful in all its sophistication,
    is simplicity so much better?
    No, I need my sophistication,
    my subtle jokes,
    my laughter that does not betray my contrarian inclinations...

    The associated guilt.
    HA Bullspit,
    Go ahead and feel nothing,
    For nothing, not one thing,
    to the rolling of the dice.
    your twenty sided ones. :)

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    The Truth

    The short, stout man looked straight into my eyes.
    Critical, should call your father,
    now, today, tomorrow.

    I entrusted my face with the chore of maintaining
    a calmness, a serenity.
    My mind was roiling around a shallow pond
    that which contained a drop of the most malicious poison.

    Nothing escapes from the truth,

    I left this poem in the air,
    as my cellphone burbled out a warbly girl pop ringtone.
    I was licking the chocolate off a stick...
    I picked up the cell, and the silence on the other end...

    I lept up in my semi-pajamas, for I was naked waist down,
    pulled on my jeans and grabbed my sandals, for the shoes would have taken up seconds,
    I ran out the door, forgetting to close the barn door.
    I stumbled into the lift, and tapped my foot as the doors closed, the plunge took hold.
    The taxi was only seconds behind me and bless the driver for being at the right place/right time.
    The call came as I rounded a corner.
    She didn't have to say anything, I was almost sure looking at the caller Id. And when she said "Its confirmed". I didn't believe it.

    It was as simple as that. I couldn't believe it, I didn't believe it. And even now, having seen her... How can I believe it? She is the Grand old dame. THE only dame left! And there wrapped up in the modern interpretation of the Mummy.

    The End.

    Monday, March 19, 2007

    Don't Give In

    Don't give in. Don't give up.

    Hold On, Be Strong.


    My Grand Mama.

    Saturday, March 17, 2007

    In Concert: Rachael Yamagata

    Ah Rachael. Beautiful purveyor of mildly sad, "wrist slitting" music. I cannot help but be in awe of her capabilities. To be able to lead a Singer's lifestyle and still be really quite cool. The concert on a whole had its highs and lows. I throughly enjoyed her older songs from her album Happenstance, and I thought the slightly Rock-ier sound whilst in concert suited the atmosphere, as her album versions tended to be more mellow and more subtle, whilst the big hall needed bigger sounds to fill it. However, one particular moment will stick with me, it was her finale, Reason Why , Ms. Yamagata seemed to have jolted the tempo mildly with this rendition but it fitted the atmosphere of the hall. Everyone seemed mildly amped, and even I could feel the blood rushing at many moments during the concert. I think Reason Why is the quinessential Yamagata song and was alittle disappointed that she did not open the concert with it. Nevertheless, Worn Me Down, Letter Read and Be Be My Love was beautiful, slightly edgier than I remember in her album and honestly did Rachael really need any more edge? This is a really really a mild criticism. I mean who am I to criticise, I guess I just like the mildly melancholic, "wrist-slittin'" Yamagata more.

    The after concert however is what I will truly remember. I rushed out to the other side of the Esp, ignoring the mild thump of my ankle, and joined the typically Singaporean queue to get albums signed. Some god above blessed me with foresight and I lugged my plastic album all the way there, and after what seemed like an eternity, I was up there with Rachael, she was quite possibly the most friendly artiste possible. Telling me about her experience playing the piano for The O.C. and leaving me throughly star-struck. As you can see from below, I'm smiling like I'm mildly retarded, but that is because at that moment I didn't have full control of any of my faculties. I had rehearsed this line in my head, I think it was " Hi Rachael, I am a huge fan, and have been since your appearance on The O.C." I think I must have babbled a lot, and she must have been throughly scared by this HUGE guy. Lol ah well, live and learn. Ultimately this was an incredible concert for me, and its gonna be hard to forget for a while.
    Me and Rachael! LMAOMGzzzz
    My Pride and Joy

    Thanks, Rachael!

    Sunday, March 11, 2007

    Updates from All Over.

    Somehow, it has been difficult for me to blog out for the past few days. Weeks even. Its almost as if there is a disconnect, between the writer me, and the me that makes decisions. Its almost painful for me, to be away from my writing for so long. I will attempt to make intelligent writings here for the public to appreciate here...

    Kudos to Wan Jin, JHKL and Sandy for constantly checking back to my blog. And giving me a reason to go on writing. If not for you girls, I may be losing my ability to write coherently and consistently.

    They say that NS kills off your brain cells, I am now certain it is true. I'm pretty sure that if I didn't continue studying or reading in anyway, I'd be completely be unable to keep up with coursework during Uni. I'm thinking of taking a course at APMI Kaplan in Starhub centre. Specifically the Creative Writing one. Will go find some material about it...

    Its so expensive to do a SAT prep course. As in a REAL prep course. Prinston Rev. has a 699, 399 and 99 usd bunch. The 99 one is hardly different from the one offered on the College Board site. But the 399 one actually looks pretty good. Hmm.. will see how it goes.

    Lets see, I'm planning on visiting the SMU, and NUS campuses tomorrow. NUS one is the one near my house, and SMU is in town. And then maybe go to the IT show later on. I'll see how my day goes...

    Shoutout to Jocelyn. Who really is taking incredible care of me... even though its over the Internet. but somehow it feels good to have someone mother you. However virtual that mothering really is.

    For those of you who haven't already noticed, American television is actually getting smarter. Examples of which include Studio 60, 30 Rock, Grey's Anatomy, House, and to a smaller extent Desperate Housewives and Lost. People on those shows actually act in a way that normal people should act, and don't have ridiculous back stories like oh I don't know Chinese-Singaporean Harvard MBA scholar, looking for a companion and MIRACULOUSLY falls in love with some SURPRISE small town girl, WHO IS invariably the same stereotypically sassy girl with an attitude. and makes him wanna chase her to the end of the world. There is possibly the evil villian, who is pure evil and makes the girl feel like down right poo and naturally the MBA dude will win the day coz HEY a Masters in Biz Admin will get you any/everything!

    And when its not stereotypically the same storyline, its an import, like how many Ugly Betty rip offs, and how many conversions of Jap/Korean concepts have there been already. Sigh.

    Is it because there's a lack of something or other. I don't think so, there seem to be plenty of innovative and intelligent people in Singapore. I just cannot wrap my head around it. People seem to love criticizing the Singaporean TV scene, but the question I wanna ask is, Why shouldn't it already be better? The talent IS available, I mean we have Hossan Leong, we have Gurmit, *although he does have his cornier moments*, and PLENTY of theatre folk to choose from. Why isn't the Singapore TV scene any better. Where's the Channel 8 equivalent of the OC? Where is the Singapore created game show, that's locally conceptualised and actually good to watch? The recent The Arena in Singapore's Channel 5 is an example of a truly good piece of programming, though Mr Adrian Pang does need to work on his mildly affected speaking manner, not to say that I'm NOT affected in the way I speak, I just think its a distraction and we already have enough of those secondary students trying to be CNN Newsreaders thank you very much.

    Mr. Ps visit to Singapore was truly WhirlWind. But I'm glad we did manage to catch up and have a burnt spaghetti... I'm glad he's coming to visit again! Hehe get to bask in the light of intelligent conversation.

    I must introduce the two shining lights of fabulousness to my dear Mr P. I'm sure they'll love him and vice versa.

    Alors, I think I will end this post here. Hope I get to go to the IT show tmr!!!

    Tuesday, March 06, 2007


    The quake in Sumatra has taken lives.

    The shockwaves, we felt in Singapore,
    we felt our buildings shake,
    our houses quiver,
    at the event that happened far away.

    Some other country.
    Send money scrambling into hiding places.
    From Highs of 3000s,
    disappointing lows.

    It is not related. But still. They are happening together. The cascade... The cascade...
    What is. Next.

    Fear. of the unknown. Fear..... FEAR!


    The beat beat . beat
    And you hear the rhythms of mother,
    She is her own mistress,
    and she spank yo ass if you notty.

    I cut through the gently falling,
    heavens, they touch my skin, urging me,
    faster, faster, your clothes, they are wet,
    I feel reborn, but no, hardly, I'm still grimy from my day's,
    work work. Just mildly refreshed... Still need a shower.

    In my hand, two hangers, one pair of British India trousers,
    another red shirt, in a plastic bag. and holding it, by the seam...
    So it won't get wet. Afterall, you don't get something dry cleaned,
    and then get it wet...

    I am dog like, I taste salt. Its my sweat... highly diluted.
    There's a slightly oily texture, Hm. Need to wash my face.
    I am different now.
    I have source material for another poem.

    Sunday, March 04, 2007

    Another Time, Another Life

    The A-Level results are out. And I begin to wonder that in another life, I may also be receiving my A Level results from the Cambridge Exam Board. It is strange though, I don't know how or why but I'm pretty sure my life would be completely and utterly different.

    I know I would've ended at a second tier JC. Prolly not NJ or HCJC, maybe something a bit lower end... I would have had much more local friends going into NS, I may have ended up drifting further than I have now from my CHS bitches.

    I know I would have stayed mostly the way I was though, I don't think I would have changed as much as I have over the past two years. My outlook in life is much more positive, and the bottom line is... I feel a confidence in myself, that I may not have had if I had stayed in Singapore. Ultimately, the whole living in China experience gave me something different. Something that staying in Singapore might not have given me.

    That is not to say that NOT staying in Singapore is completely the SCHIZZ. Well, what I'm trying to say is that I have a mildly greater appreciation for living in the country of Singapore, albeit its against the lower standards of the PRC. Nevertheless, there are some quarters tht feel that it is very strange to feel this way and even try to convince me otherwise, but the fact is, standards of living is high, there's a clean, some might say sterile environment, and most importantly, everything works.

    Once you get past that, you realise, life in Singapore's not like utopia, but who wants perfection anyway... I like a fixer-upper.

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    We All Look for Something

    We all look for something to remember,
    Something to remember him by,
    Something for her memory of the moment,
    Something that will stay with you forever.

    How ironic then that the 21st century person is impelled,
    forced, offered no alternative, but to take life at a rapidity,
    that can only find a rival in the fastest Lamborguinis.
    How disgusted I feel when I sit here,
    staring at my keyboard when I've realised, a pen is not fast enough.
    When it is what satisfied writers, poets, playwrights, for millenia.

    I have/had/am having a great time,
    so why the mild discomfort,
    the slight pain in my side...

    People always leave,
    Or they don't even show up.

    Peyton was/is/will always be right.

    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    One Day In Your Lifetime

    Its another day in my life. I just got off the phone with my mother, and it was such a pleasant conversation. Its so strange, that its nearly impossible to have completely pleasant conversations with people and when you do, it often feels much too short. Sigh.

    Kylie Minogue's Spinning Around live on her showgirl tour, I am totally inspired by Kylie, her infectious dancing, vocals completely unique, and her showgirlship. She's only just recovered from THE disease, Breast Cancer, and she's already up and about singing, dancing and even doing slow remixes of her Old hits.

    Here's something odd, I'll be taking my Final Theory Test for Driving before I even have a driving test. Sigh. Damn timetables.

    I wanna Mitsubishi Colt Ralliart Version-R

    Will be going out shopping at Raffles Place later, Alone. Without anyone.

    Its in your eyes, I can tell what you're thinking, my heart is thinking too...

    I've just realised Kylie can make a great jazz singer with just a little retraining...

    Windows Vista on my PC, its not exactly inspiring, but it is quite nice to have.

    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    The Test

    The test, with you sitting in front of a computer screen,
    staring ahead with a bitter taste of determination,
    a sweet scent of deodorant,
    the tang, ripe and tight of fear,
    of possible disaster,
    No... We will not fail!

    We will not fail this simple,
    These words in front of me,
    with pictures,


    Why not three colors for eternity too?
    For the eternal struggle,
    The test to find out, if you really are as smart as you think
    you are, can be, will be, forever are remembered as being.

    Those fools, they cram and cram, they become smart.
    Where is their intelligence?
    You without your ability to even converse,
    with the low, the high.
    You without your charms
    With your plebian jokes,
    your wittisms

    HA! The true test!
    Should be how you handle a real life situation,
    the only test you ever need take.

    How you handle being in love,
    how you handle being fired from your job,
    how you handle a pan.

    Those false hoods,
    Those falsities...
    You can't write about life unless you're out experiencing it!

    Yes, You can't....


    Monday, January 15, 2007

    The Boy

    The Boy who is in love,
    He stands above all,
    with his voice raised high,
    his banner adrift,
    With the reds and blues and whites, blending
    joy to the world, I am fulfilled,
    Even when running to the high,
    The voice never wavers,
    never falters,
    always dripping with the red passion
    with or without his other,
    Because they are

    There is a lightness in his tenor,
    An added lustre to his bass,
    his mind filled with songs of summer breezes,
    winter strolls along the Neva.
    iPods could be written and sung about this love,
    but no, there is no need,
    for it is already written,
    the soundtrack of their Love, Actually.

    The Boy who is not in love,
    He stands tall,
    with his righteous spirit,
    I don't need anyone else,
    I can stand on my own.
    Who needs a crutch?

    He is dedicated to the proliferation of the melancholies,
    those bittersweet symphonies,
    those everlasting arias,
    Who says he's alone!
    The songs that are sung not by the choirs,
    for their masses only serve to make him.

    No, these are sung
    With the soprano, solo.
    She stands there, calling to him,
    Her eternal voice,
    reaching ever higher,
    to me! To Me! Decants she!
    He savours every note,
    Like a Lafite,
    Every bubble of her,
    A Clicquot.

    The Boy who is in love,
    is a friend of the Boy without.
    They share their trials.
    Without offering his great emptyness,
    to be filled with.
    Their tribulations are solved,
    with an overwhelming efficiency,
    the one in love willing to see,
    to lend his love-broadened eyes,
    We need not wish them luck,
    for they are lucky to have each other,
    their brotherhood complete in its duality.

    The Boy who is madly in love,
    Hears and sees neither.