Friday, December 29, 2006

You 2

All of you,
incredible in your own

varied adjectives

Haha, the ones without their masculinity
what do they do?
Hide behind their facades,
their foolish idiosyncrasies,
their elaborate ruses,
their, their, their!

Mon dieu,
Sacre Bleu,
The blue skies,
cotton balls, wrung out,
no longer able to hold,
much like the ink that is part of your books,
the books you let fall,
Lady Arwen, with her pale white hands,

Creame Fraise,
The all, the entirety, the whoopie,
Aite, aite, Ah'ma Gon get choo a real ride.

Ah. mMph


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chapter 3

Entrez Vous

She stepped into the white room. Your heart stops for a second, and then it resumes normal service to various points on your body, albeit at a speed similar to that of the TGV. Somehow, the whole oxygen-carbon dioxide-hydrogen mix of the atmosphere seems to change, seems to thicken, seems to weigh you down so that even standing becomes difficult, perspiration is forced out of your pores, right onto your underarms, leaving that unsightly dark spot under your 250 Dollar shirt.



Why? How come?

That fantasy in your head, again and again evaporated long ago. Hours, minutes? No, no, my sweet, months, years ago.

You replaced it with this.

She stepped into the white room. The children around her stop for one second, marveling at her presence and carry on with their varied actions, their varied... devastations of the family furniture. She drops the briefcase on the floor, and picks up her blackberry, looking at the message flagged in red hearts. She smiles knowingly, at the knowledge of the elicit rendezvous that would occur not many minutes from that moment. You, have no idea of this of course, all you know is that she's the one for you, she thinks you're just the one of many. When did they take all the control? Haha, they always did, and men trying to even pretend to have any sort of control are only fooling themselves.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Penang Kitchen

I must warn you, that this post includes some very graphic Food porn. Those with weaker dispositions are thusly warned. I also would like to point out that pregnant women with weird food related moods swings can become violent after reading/seeing pictures on this blog and by continuing to read you agree to indemnify me and Blogger of any injuries incurred upon yourself or the people around you.

This Thursday began as all Thursdays did, as I got up at 0545 to switch on the water heater. I heard my cell phone play an alarm tone, I lept out of bed, flung my blankie asunder and hit the switch. A fraction of a second later, I was back in bed, with the covers pulled up to my Chin. 0600 my tiny little blue alarm clock sounded, screaming an aria that only a badly manufactured alarm clock can produce, awakening the entire neighbourhood and more. Jump forward to the end of the day, because all I can tell you about my day at work was that I was seriously bored with nothing to do and no prospects and the sky so ominously overcast. Though I can tell you that today was the first time I went out of the HQ SCDF compound to get lunch, and it wasn't even for myself HA.

Anyway, Dinner. I got out of the house and wandered across the overhead bridge, not knowing what exactly to eat, then I remembered what my 4th Uncle said to me last night about trying the Penang food, bless him for not being able to get outta the house poor soul what with Jetlag and all, anyway... I entered the restaurant and plonked myself down on the table closest to the door, being the fat lazy arse that I am. This wonderful little lady, came and passed me a bright Yellow menu that was laminated. I ordered and sat waiting for my food to come.

First, the drink. It was Nutmeg and Lime. Now I thought, whot the...? But to be perfectly honest, it was really really good. The nutmeg taste was subtle but present, not too strong to overpower the sweetness of the lime but lending an altogether delightful sweetness to a drink that I absolutely loved. I don't have a pic to show but I can say that even though the colour, a lightish brown, was alittle off putting the taste MORE than compensated for it.

Next up, my Main. Shown clearly below
Isn't it something, evidently from the picture, I've already done alittle digging around the pile of Penang Style Fried Noodles with Seafood and Gravy, but who could resist no? The vegetables included were Kailan which is not normal for a dish like this but somehow seemed right, and the usual Chinese spring onions, with some fried shallots as well. I was throughly overwhelmed by the simplicity of this dish. Its ingredients stood by themselves and the yellow noodles' subtle bitter taste was more than compensated for by the liberal use of dark sauce. I am not a fan of the watery fried noodle but Penang Kitchen has definitely changed my mind about it.

Next up is the ever delicious fried Chicken wing. Yes, yes its a cliche, yes, its artery clogging, yes I'm fat, we know all that. We also know that the ladies flock to my yard, and they're like its better than yours, damn right, its better than yours, I could teach you.. you know the story:D. Anyway... AND, TA DA!So, these wings, had really really crispy outer covering. I mean the likes of which are classically Asian I think. I mean from KFC's examples of chicken have throughly soft skins, but I digress. These chicken wings were coated with what I think was Shrimp paste, and I think I tasted a hint of Chinese 5 Spice. But whatever, it was really good. More than worth the 5 dollars I paid for just 3 pieces.

So overall this place gets 4 stars out of 5. The service was really good though I was saddened to hear that the lady who served me was leaving after today. Many many props to her for making this meal of mine memorable. The atmosphere was very well done, though I could have appreciated more grit. It was almost too clean to be serving food, then again, I'm just being a quibbly little Biatch:P. I LOVED IT! Why am I ruining it by slagging it off.

P.S. While I was at Fairprice later, I happened upon a Mediacorp Channel 8 actor, who's if I'm not wrong Huang Biren's Husband. Eitherway it was at the Coronation Plaza Fairprice so, yeah.
Peace out y'all.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Me looking all weird

This is me trying out my new 3.2 megpix cybershot phone thank you Sony Ericsson. I loves you lots!

I actually blogged this from my Cell, but it costs moola to do that :( Sads!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I Can't Get Used To It

I can't get used to it,
the brevity,
of your emotion.
There was much to be said,
and in the wee hours,

It felt like yesterday,
just before my sleep today though.

I can't get used to it.
How it all changes,
everything, life the everlasting.

Don't forget,
It wasn't yesterday. It wasn't today.
It was last week,
You broke it,
I had to fix it.

I can't get used to it,
As a guy, its part of me,
its all me, I need to fix something
I need something to fix.

Stand next to me,
No, don't
because I don't see you there.
I just see


Drink me.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Day Late

This post comes a day late. It seems to me this post needs to come in a Sans Serif font.

Eitherway, 10 months of sweet bitterness has come to a timely end. I cannot and will not assign blame, (IT WAS ALL HER!) I cannot and will not talk about it, (BITCHES TO ALL THE GUYS WHO'LL LISTEN), I cannot and will not throw myself off a building, (THROWS HIMSELF INTO WORK), I cannot and will not do something stupid, (GOES OFF AND BUYS A CAR... EVEN THOUGH HE CAN'T DRIVE). Hi, My name is Chandler, I use jokes as a defense mechanism.

Most importantly, I will get over it.

Now moving swiftly along into other importante news. Spent a good night out with pals from the bad old days of SSIShood. Went down to the newly opened Hedkandi place, called Kandi bar. Wow! Really nice chillout bar, with appropriate MoS music and hella fun to sit outside and get over your ex, with appropriate short skirts and tight tight jeans.

Mmm, Champagne to celebrate the death of your relationship with a few of your guys back from the day... I really do love how some things just happen to be timed perfectly. Actually, I'm very lucky that in my life, I've been blessed with rather good timing. Going for the IB completely changed my educational career, going to SSIS completely changed the way I saw the world, in the most positive way, going to NS well, it just gives me time to think everything through.

I need comfort food, AH MA!!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Fools

Don't lie,
even when you don't intend to,
even when the lies are small,
insignificant almost.

Don't sarcase,
because for lack of a better word,
all too much sarcasm,
devours us.

Don't assume,
all too often now we assume too much,
our intelligence getting ahead of us,
positions of inadequacy.

Don't eat too many cookies,
you'll get fat.

Don't be a fool,
You'll never manage to break the record,
for most sausages eaten in 12 minutes,
You'll never be normal or whole,
You'll should never sing.


Ok I'm done with this poem. There seems to be not enough going on in my life, and yet some days it feels like I couldn't have a better life, with friends, family and all that all throughly thrown together in a mix of wondrous and godawfully bad. Kinda like a salad with a bad dressing.

The mess of modernity compels us to be the best at whatever we do, to be perfection and more. To give your 110%. To excel, to achieve excellence. Go Humanity!

You're an imperfect being created by an imperfect being...
- The Borg Queen