Friday, September 28, 2007

For Blue Skies

the clouds of smoke,
your tender touch, there
here, but now,
Now is the time.

Now we rise,
For now we rise,
to death,
to sacrifice,
to nationalism,
TO Freedom.

YOU, you murderous,
grieving, tortured, destructive,
Why, why stay like this,
the black sheep, the long years,
the silence, the gates, fences,
I hate you.
She is not free, for your own foolishness, Give it up...
Its Over.

The time is here,
now, for them to see the blue skies,
the green fields,
the bounties and freedoms of democracy.

For Burma, the people, the Nobel Laureates, The strongly worded statement from ASEAN, and for Ibrahim Gambari.


asato ma sad gamaya
tamaso ma jyotir gamaya

Translated As:

From delusion lead me to truth
From darkness lead me to light

-Juno Reactor: Navras.

Monday, September 24, 2007

I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry

This show is, contrary to our enlightened Newspaper's opinion, actually quite worth that 7 dollars that I paid to watch it. Yes it had moments of puerile facile and just plain idiotic fun, but HELLO, did anybody get the memo? Its Adam Sandler, acting in a movie where he has a GAY marriage to a FAT man!? Hello? Did anybody not see the idiocy coming?

I am actually find it quite interesting though at the generally quite positive portrayals of gay people and the gay community in general. They aren't shown as evil menacing church destroying people, though they are generally portayed as very effeminate, and well... just generally weird and into strange sexual stuffs, which naturally makes for fantastic comedy. Heheh. What am I saying, seeing that Black dude *Ving Rhames* prance around and singing Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna have fun... Or was it Chaka Khan's I'm every woman... Whatever, That was hilarious.
Seriously, watch it if your have a chance. I found it one of Mr Sandler's better attempts.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Request

I find that recently, I've been actively taking the apathetic route. I haven't been caring enough about my health, about my pet cause of International Affairs, of Human rights in general, of my cousins down in Ang Mo Kio. And what has taken its place? What seems to be endless spending on extravagance, and I say No More. *well save for those books preparing me for law school*. No more to the needless extravagance, no more to the effortless spending of money and most importantly no more to living life on material.

I'm gonna do 3 things,
Spend Less Cash
Get out more and enjoy myself more
Lose Lots of Weight

A few other things?
Learn French again
Get a less inflated opinion of myself
Fix this vacation mess of mine

Monday, September 10, 2007

So Long Pavarotti

You were a true performer,
a perfect Italian,
a man who believed in beauty,
and above all, your voice will carry us all,
Through the dark, the bitter, the angry and hateful,

In This World.

Beyond Compare,


Sunday, September 09, 2007

What not to do during Sex

If a girl was to say to you during sex, "Get Awesome". She's not asking you to try harder, or telling you that you're doing a good job. She's telling you "Get Off Me".

Courtesy of Stuff Mag USA

Saturday, September 08, 2007

My Day of... Freedom!

Today is Saturday. A day for relaxation, for rest, comforts that would not normally be accorded to a person on a weekday. However in recent months my involvement in our Nation's National Day Parade, rendered my Saturdays comepletely and utterly destroyed. This is the first Saturday that I have been able to actually have some Me time. Though it did mean waking up at 730 and having slept at like... 2 the previous night I'm tired as ... well something that is known to be very tired.

So what did I do on this wonderful day?

First down to Geek Terminal for this week's Podcast on the new iPods and other tech news. Tech65 is Singapore's premier gadget enthusiast website and I am proud to be a member of the Tech65 team.

*Shamless Plug over*

After a coffee fueled podcast, I hopped over to Bukit Batok to get an appointment with my Dentist and got a freakishly decayed tooth filled in. Also happened to be freakishly painful.

Lunch at Gran's and I went home to clean up my house. Yes, But its nice and... neat now. No papers strewn all over the place. NO more clothes all over the place. Books where they should be. And yeah the underwear is where its supposed to be... *Don't ask*

I'm proud of myself now.... Really am proud...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The New iPods

Duh! The Answer is OBVIOUS. The new iPod Touch... 16... err wait... its alittle... 8... No too little space... But I don't want the new "old" iPod Classic... more space yea... but... ... But... BUT!!!

Ma! All I want for my Birthday is... the 16 Gig iPod Touch?... or Should I wait for Christmas for maybe a nice BIGGER one? Argh, Decisions Decisions at 0609 in the morning!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Its been way to long.

My dear blog, its been way too long. I'm sorry and I promise I will make up for it.

I just came home from watching a movie 1408. It sucks. Its a scary piece of poo. SIGH I hate scary flicks. And yet I kinda love them its such a strange love hate relationship.

I have also just bought Natalie Cole's rendition of I Say a Little Prayer for You, absolutely delicious version of this classic song. Her sultry voice and delicious vocals makes me all happy inside, despite my lingering fear that I'll be stabbed in my bed tonight or something.

Lets see, what else. China. I was in China recently as many of you all know. I got to see a much larger number of people than I expected to. I saw Joce, my dear sweet Joce; Lillian, a day before she left for France; Kim Dong-Hyun, the Korean dude; Carola, the German chick; lets see, who else. Mr House and Mrs. Brough, and a whole bunch of SSISians that I miss and love. I felt terrible that I couldn't stay longer but I did get to see one thing I would have been remiss to miss, The Suzhou Museum, designed by I.M. Pei. Its an amazing amalgamation of the past, present and conceivably the future of architecture and design.

I'm getting name cards made, somehow its making me a lot more excited than I should be.

Tomorrow, I'll get going on half day of off-duty, to do what? Get my hard drive which I bought at COMEX replaced for the right one that I had asked for in the first place, on and also get the right CASE that I had asked for and bought at COMEX! Argh infuriating world, and all that is in it. But after that, I have an a cappella concert to attend. I love being in Singapore and living in this fair country.