Thursday, July 26, 2007

What a WEEK!

So we all know that it is impossible to have a nice uneventful week in the life of Jerrick. And it turns out this past week has almost had the texture of my used socks. For some reason its hard in places where it should be soft, and soft and thin where it should be nice and supportive.

Last Friday I had my first dinner with my cousin with a long time, we had crab, we saw awkward looking sculptures in East Coast Park and we made fun of the lovers by the seaside. Yep, good times.

Saturday saw the return of my Mom, to our fair country of Singapore! Singapore!!! We had a great run, until she had to leave Sunday. We hung out watched King Lear with the great Sir Ian Mckellen, whom I have a poster of now hanging in my Living room. And other news.

I've failed my driving test though. For the first time, and majorly. Like 46 points failure out of 18 points. (theoretically its 20 points but you can't get 20 coz that'd fail you... and so 18 is the max that you can get without failing and You can't get any immediate failures. I failed actually coz of my completely humiliating parking.) Humiliation, blah. But what to do what to do.

It appears that I have been slow. As usual to post this up. Sigh. Whatever Its over. I'm late. Blah. I am feeling tall and uncomfortable.

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Poem

When did the days become nights,
when did I start having jetlag,
without the flying, floating.
The nights have melded into the days,
when you have to get up before the sun,
when the moon shines at you before all else.

When your brother looks at you with such disdain,
when he is torn from his special second,
his two, and made to study, books that fill his mind,
with usefulness, and enterprise, and erudition,
No, he would rather a good video game, a gallivant around virtuality.

Reality is too difficult to comprehend,
better to escape into your twenty first century delusion,
spend like there's no tomorrow,
save nothing,
selfishness, emptyness, materia, mana,
I'm almost too tired to care.

Let us find the source of all.
And maybe we can find ourselves.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

There is a simple explanation

Today I went to an American University thing at Suntec, where all these American universities came to give us reasons why we should go to said American Universities. The people who were offering pitches were all students currently studying at the universities and suitably enough they were all Asian and probably Singaporean. The universities that impressed me the most were Berkeley and Columbia where the students actually actively came forward to talk to me, however all this impressedness would do me very little if I did not actually have to ability to convert such enthusiasm to an acceptance letter. My results are simply not good enough to gain me entrance to the schools that I really would have liked to go to. Naturally having my flaming friend around me did little to help if only providing much entertainment to those present.

To my dear friend Mr X, whose obstinacy about going to a certain Ivy Leaguer is well renown. I’m afraid I cannot help but take a nice healthy arrogant French-style sniff at you. There should not and cannot be any way of guaranteeing that you will in fact gain entry to Brown. Your idealism while touching should not lead to such foolishness where you end up not applying to any other universities. Just because it is not in fact an Ivy or located in Providence, Rhode Island is not an indication of how good or bad a university is. One must keep one’s options open, something which I hope you are doing.

To my other dear friend Daniel, with regards to your wanting me to stay in Singapore. Somehow, I don’t think that is going to happen. Not to throw hot water all over you but unless I was offered a scholarship at NUS Law with no bond or something there is very little that would induce me to stay here. This is not due to Singaporean lack of educational expertise, etc. But more to do with the more varied choices available out of the country, and the simple fact that its all about being independent and living by one’s self while out side of the country. I will however ensure that all is neatly wrapped up before I even consider leaving the country, and even if it means continuing my presence at Tech65 in kind or otherwise I will.

I have to mention something that has happened to me over the past few weeks, its been quite a amazing week for me really, I saw my Ex for what could be the last time, whether its for five months or for longer who knows but I realized something. I was wrong all along. It wasn’t so much I had been particularly a bad boyfriend, or that she was a particularly bad girlfriend, it was entirely to do with the fact that we traveled in different circles, and had our own obstinate ways of seeing the world, that though was not even that different, was different enough to matter. For what is life but the minor details.

I am frighteningly annoyed that I will be missing a whole HALF of King Effing Lear! I was at the Esp. Library today, and heard the producer eulogise about the delicious Ian Mckellen and the director Trevor Nunn. I’m thoroughly annoyed, and I think that might be the extent of the things I can say without violating some sort of secrecy laws.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The One Laptop Per Child Project

This is brilliant in its simplicity.While this clearly could not have been possible twenty years ago, today, it is an example of how incredible technology can come together and create something that will truly change the world. This project headed by Nicholas Negroponte, whose resume reads like a veritable "mama i want to be him when I grow up" list. He's on the Board of Motorola, he's the Co-founder and director of MIT's Media Lab. The list goes on and on, and as he's had his finger deep in the tech world since who know's when and is ideal for heading up such a momentuous task!

This simple laptop is built with one thing in mind, Kids. And not like some dinky laptop that has a 5 line dot matrix screen and loud beeps and wails, this is effectively a fully functional 433mhz Geode *basically really really really slimmed down Athlon*, 1200x900 black and white, 256 megs of RAMed laptop. This may sound like absolute piffle for the average techy, but know that this can be powered by simply cranking a crank, it can be read in BRIGHT sunlight, and this is the truly amazing bit, Wi-Fi capable through a mesh network. To use a car analogy, this is the Toyota Corolla to your Lamborguini Core Two Duo.

Another amazing feat is that this is based off a Linux Core. and makes use of a Graphical User Interface that is completely different from your windows or even Mac. Its designed for kids and for their education. The operating system has had ALL the fat trimmed away from it, and again just like your toyota corolla, its not fast, its not flashy, it goes from a to b and doesn't drink fuel like its free. Whereas the Lambo can be frequently unreliable, it can go very fast, but needs to be well maintained and must be taken out to the clubs to please the ladies. This is an insanely practical piece of kit and has the potential to lift so many children out of poverty and give them a chance to compete in the future economy.

By the way, MSFT has taken some of this kit and is working on it for something or other... And intel's initial rejection of Negroponte's has spawned their own attempt at targeting children as a Market?! Well, we all have to start somewhere, and I (Jerrick) is FULLY in support of this programme that could change the lives of so many.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Dans La Chine

I will be in China 18th-23rd Aug.

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Monday Quickie

This is the first time I'm taking my off for the National Day parade practices that the rest of the world thinks I'm insane to get myself involved in. However I did what I felt was right. I get time off from the insanity that is being in this place in my life. I have to be deliberately ambiguous after certain elements have made me fear for my life. I shan't say any more.

Yea! We have Jamie Oliver on in a minute, am tres happy.

Ok, back to my life. I've put on weight sigh. The gym calls my name, with its sweaty attractions and its tortured devices. I must go there soon if not I'll be lying flat on the floor after I climb the stairs next time.

I have fallen in love with the smooth voice of Jon Mclaughlin. Its bordering on the same cottage cheese music that Mr. Manilow offers us. But No, it is so much more than that, he has so much more depth, so much more to offer to the listener. Ah Music.

I'm gonna be watching Die Hard 4 with me bro at 3ish later on. Muahah happiness is a warm ... tub of popcorn? lunch? bed? lady? *looks at Jocey* beer? Lol I don't know. Ah well.

Boring update. I apologise, don't really have anything to say today, its a slow day. And Yeah am gonna go now and lunch.