Monday, April 02, 2007

Oh Right... NOT me...

Realising after a while,
that she said it just so it'd sound nice,
and what is society without its varied niceties
Teasing you with their long-suffering looks

Hey, its fine by me,
Just lost all interest,
Nord, Sud, Est...
Not the best though, not the best.

All Right, not too bad.
Have learnt sometimes what someone says,
and seems to mean,
doesn't quite seem,
quite as binding,
in the light of bided time.

The people I'm interested in, properly and fully let me down,
those that I'm not prefer to simply fuck around with my mind.
The above two lines not directed at you,
you pompous prancing self indulged nincompoop.

Round and around, I spin,
I'll just listen to my Kylie,
Loving each minute, is she
telling me she likes it like this?

Empty Modernity,
Delightful in all its sophistication,
is simplicity so much better?
No, I need my sophistication,
my subtle jokes,
my laughter that does not betray my contrarian inclinations...

The associated guilt.
HA Bullspit,
Go ahead and feel nothing,
For nothing, not one thing,
to the rolling of the dice.
your twenty sided ones. :)

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