Sunday, March 16, 2008


My friend,
Who was so shocked,
and invoked the winds of silence.

My friend,
You told me truths?
With those tales of,
woe, anguish, fear, doubt.

My friend,
I've not a doubt,
Nay a tale of woe,
Never an ounce of anguish,
but I always fear,
that I would say one thing,
and You would leave, run, desert, allons-y!

My friend,
I worry for you,
I worry for you and yours,
In all its finality,
I worry about the time that will come.

My friend,
You are my friend,
with or without labels,
You are a friend because you're here for me,
A friend who attaches no conditions,
who brooks no BS,
and my friend,
Allons-Y, onward past the savages,
they know not the things we share.

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