Friday, October 27, 2006

2/3: The Truths

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The Pop happens.
And she's there.

The truth seems to finally be revealed to you!
The flowers seem to bloom.
The sky opens up,
Azure in all its beauty.

Where was she all this time!
This Venus. This Carravagio of vibrancy.
Hiding? Where you shouldn't find her.
Where you must not find her!

She tells you the truth.
Because its convienent for her.
The beauty of modernity,
We crave convienence
Hence we find it everywhere. Anywhere.
Even in the glory of the bounties
shed upon us through her light.


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Bubbles said...

hhah i know this poem is about me~ hah ~~ i just know it . lol ~ every thing u say is about me. coz u love me so. ~ LOL o gosh...
booo Economics exam coming Nov.1st. such a crapy date to make it coz it is right after halloween. and there are alot of parties going on.. i'm not going to any of them but it will totally be distracting with the loud music and everything.. ><

Bubbles said...

sigh Econ. is driving me CRAZY!

Jieq said...

er... Lol Poor you not being able to get to any halloween parties. But hey least you're going to be able to pass your exams and stuff right.