Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Those of you who have seen me online recently, on MSN would have noticed my new display picture, in glorious Sepia colour. A Ring. On my Ring Finger (Right). Yes ladies and gentlemen in the audience, I am attached. Very much like the cuffs on a criminal, I too am experiencing the wonderful heaven/hell that is a relationship.

Now, people are bound to ask, what is the significance of all this, are you going to marry her? Oh god, please don't tell me she's pregnant. I would love to be your bridesmaid, when's the bachelor party(ies)? Etc. I say to all this, the significance is that of a promise ring. I personally don't quite get the idea myself. To me, I just think a promise ring signifies the promise to my girlfriend, to love her, and that she's the only one in my life, oh and of course that I'll pay for her meals:). Eitherway, its a simple thing really, more akin to being teenagers who are crazily in love with kitsch(yes kitsch, because that's what we think of each other), with the weird and consequently wonderful and with each other, or so we hope.

Looking out the window, the thunder just went boom. I think I better go take in my clothes. (Yes ladies, he does his own laundry. Uh-Huh, what a house-husband!)

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